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Vietnamese Hookers

Don’t leave you alone. It’s in the afternoon, and Barron and I are relaxing on the beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Walking along the beach is a Vietnamese girl in her late 20s, and she stops about 20 feet away and stares at us for a minute. She then approaches us, sits down, and starts talking. We answer the ever-present first question with “We’re from America,” and after a few moments of awkward conversation she asks with a wink, “You want massage?” We politely decline her offer for a massage but she doesn’t leave. Apparently she didn’t think her hint was strong enough.

"You want sex? I really good and cheap for you."

"No, I have a girlfriend."

"Your girlfriend not here. I don’t see her."

"She’s not here, but I still have a girlfriend."

"But I like you. You don’t like me?"

"No, I have a girlfriend."

This continues on for about 10 minutes. After ignoring her for a bit she asks for money before she goes. Uh, no money for you. But now she’s finally gone. Later that night Barron and I are having some after dinner drinks at a cafe down the street. They have some movies playing with a big flat screen TV and a nice sound system, so we’re okay hanging out there. While we’re watching the movie, the same hooker shows up out of nowhere! She comes in, sees us, and sits down right next to me and continues the same conversation we had before. “I like you. You are good looking. Want to get a room? Why you no like me?”  I keep on declining her, this time with more force. Once she finds out my girlfriend is Chinese, she insists on convincing me that Chinese girls aren’t pretty. I tell her she’s wrong and offending me isn’t going to help get what you want. Some time passes, I’m trying to ignore her by continuing the watch the movie and she continues to talk over it. By now Barron has had it with her and he turns his head and shouts, “HE IS NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. BYE.” That shuts her up, but only for a minute. She then retorts back something in broken English, which I think she is trying to ask why Barron is speaking for me. Either way, she doesn’t leave, so Barron and I pay the bill and we head back to our hotel. As I look back down the dark street I see her following us in the distance. We start walking faster. We end up getting through the gate of the hotel and no more hooker! Finally out of that situation. 

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